The Struggle of a Writer

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How can I see what I need to type up when the light of the screen makes the other side of the paper show through? 




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Sometimes it’s nice to get away from typing and go back to good ole’ pencil and paper. There’s something real special about erasing instead of just pressing backspace. I get into the writing process more, I suppose. I like to see how my brain works by looking back at my sidenotes and the words I had to add in real small. It feels good to watch the letters form words and sentences and paragraphs. I enjoy the feeling of the pencil gripped in my hand-sometimes loosely and sometimes tightly depending on how I feel about what I’m writing. It’s cool to see the uniqueness of my handwriting in different places. Sometimes pretty, sometimes sloppy, sometimes big, sometimes small. No font compares. You can tell a lot from a person’s handwriting. It tells some of the story itself. I like the eraser marks-the shadow of a former thought. It’s just all so simply beautiful.