Behind-the-Scenes: Ultimate Satisfaction

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Here’s a short behind-the-scenes video of the making of my latest edit.


What the Church is Getting Wrong About Purity {video}

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If you have made decisions that you regret, and you feel impure, and you feel as though you had this gift that you gave away, I want you to know that when you come to the Lord and you give him your hurt and your wounds, his forgiveness and his grace makes it not about what you did with your body, but about what he did with his!

Katie Gregoire

Watch the video here


All Creation (Known to Man…So Far)

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Whoa! It’s amazing the vast expanse that God has made! So many mysteries still out there. Mysteries He doesn’t want us to worry about right now. You are a blimb on the scale of all creation. But you are significant to God.

209 Seconds That Will Make You Question Your Entire Existence (Supposedly. I’m not questioning my existence; it is in God’s hands)

Trailer for ‘Changes’

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This is a short little trailer I made for the book I’m writing. Check it out!