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Sin ALWAYS Destroys

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Devotion for the week of 8/18/14-8/24/14

Sin always destroys. I heard that a while back and it really resonated with me. I got to thinking about it and I realized just how true it was. While you are in your sin it may not seem bad. It may not seem like it’s hurting anyone. But it is. It’s hurting God. Since there are so many different sins there are a lot of different things for sin to destroy. To name a few: trust, marriages, friendships, self-esteem, your body, your innocence, your health, and your soul. Above all, it destroys your relationship with God. Do you think your sin is more important than your relationship with God? You’re probably thinking ‘Of course not!’, but let me tell you that if you continue to do that sin when God is begging you to stop then you do value your sin more. I know it’s hard to hear. It was hard for me to accept. But it’s true. By nature, we sin. We will never be able to stop sinning altogether. However, we all have our weakness. That one sin we keep going back to time after time. You know what yours is. It is that sin that we need to give up. It is that sin, above all others, that is separating us from God the most. It is that sin that is widening the chasm between us and God. That sin will not be easy to give up. You’re used to it by now. It’s normal to you. You may not even truly view it as a sin. Yet it is that sin that is really affecting your relationship with God. All He wants is to mean more to you than that sin does. He wants more love and attention than you give that sin. Think about what that sin offers you. Now think about what God offers you. Do they even compare? No! A strong relationship with God gives you so much more than your sin ever will. God is infinitely more satisfying than your sin! Honestly, can you think of anything more important than your relationship with God? You shouldn’t be able to because there isn’t anything. Sin doesn’t give you hope, it takes away your hope. Sin doesn’t love you, God does. Sin doesn’t protect you, it hurts you. Sin didn’t die for you, Jesus did. Sin is never harmless. Do you ever think about how much it hurts God to see you sin? He watches you sin and He tries to tell you to stop, but He never yells it at you. He speaks in a still, small voice. And your sin drowns out His voice. So you don’t hear Him quietly pleading with you to stop. You are breaking His heart. We have all broken His heart. So next time you are tempted to go back to that sin, stop and listen for God’s voice. Listen to Him quietly asking you to not do it. And if that’s not enough to keep you from doing it, then set aside time each day, as you should already, to just talk to God and strengthen your relationship with Him. Then His words will mean more to you and you’ll finally be able to get rid of that sin that destroys.