C.S. Lewis quote: Free Will

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This is one of my favorite quotes. It’s one of the few quotes that I actually have memorized. I think about this often: what free will is, and what its repercussions are, but why it’s ultimately necessary and even good.IMG_4796


Dancing Through The Fire-Jordan Feliz lyric edit

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Listen to the song here


Instructions for a Better Life

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“Go to the Bible regularly, open it prayerfully, read it expectantly and live it joyfully.”

-John Baker

Holy Joy

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But if I look to Jesus-to the promises of His Word and the glory of His cross-a holy joy begins to hum underneath the sound of earthly sorrow.

~She Reads Truth

Why Are So Many Christians Unhappy?

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What a great article reminding Christians to find their joy in God instead of looking for it in the world! 

Check out the rest of the article here

1 & 2 Peter

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During the month of February, I’m going to post my reflections on the books of 1 & 2 Peter. Each and every verse has meaning, for that’s how God intended it. It is supposed to mean different things for different people, but please allow me to share what it means to me. I chose these books because the focus seems to be on having joy in God. That is very important for all Christians, especially as they face trials. May God’s grace be upon you through your roughest times and may you trust that the reward is great!

God bless you!

Max Lucado quote

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“Every sin of your life has been cast to the sea. Every mistake you’ve made nailed to the tree. You’re blood bought and heaven made. A child of God forever saved. So be grateful, joyful, for isn’t it for true? What you don’t have is much less than what you do.”