Worst Insult Ever

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So someone said this to me today…


Dirty Mouth

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Devotion for the week of 5/12/14-5/18/14

Everywhere you go you are likely to hear people cussing or even simply saying ‘Oh, my God!’ You may even be one of the people who says those things. Well I am here to tell you that the Bible says that we should not say those things. 2 Timothy 2:16 reads ‘But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.’ What that means is profanity may lead to ungodliness. Those words you say everyday that you think nothing about, or those words that you hear everyday, are ungodly words that can lead to you being an ungodly person. I know you may think that they are harmless words and they aren’t hurting anyone. Sometimes people cuss and it does hurt others, but sometimes it really does seem to be harmless. It’s not. Imagine this: imagine God wincing every time you cuss. Every time you cuss imagine Him sitting up in Heaven wincing and thinking ‘I wish they didn’t say that.’ You may think it’s ‘normal’ or ‘cool’ to cuss. Drugs, alcohol, and sex are also considered ‘normal’ and ‘cool’ but that doesn’t mean they’re okay. At least not in God’s eyes. The phrase ‘Oh, my God’ is one that is casually thrown around everywhere. You may not think there’s anything wrong with it but one of the Ten Commandments specifically tells us not to say it. Exodus 20:7 says ‘You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.’ Other versions refer to it as ‘taking God’s name in vain’. However you want to say it, it means the same thing. Using God’s name as a curse or an exclamation is misusing it. His name is not meant to be used in that sense. It is meant to be praised and loved. In my life I have slipped up and cursed (those times are few and far between), but I have never said ‘Oh, my God’. I just cannot bear to say it. The words can’t even come out of my mouth unless they are part of a worship song. I just can’t imagine saying something that misuses God’s name. I would never do that to Him. I would never use His name in an ungodly way. I just can’t even… Yet everywhere I go, literally everywhere, I hear people saying ‘Oh, my God’. Even at church I hear it. Most people don’t think of it as bad. But it is. Typically people like hearing their name; from their friends and their family. But it doesn’t feel so great when your name is used in a not-so-nice context, does it? You don’t like when someone says your name followed by an insult, do you? Even though you aren’t purposefully insulting God when you say ‘Oh, my God’ it is misusing His name just as people misuse your name when they insult you. Therefore, it is an insult to God. I know you’ve probably never thought of it like this before, so I wanted to make you aware. Cussing and saying ‘Oh, my God’ are things that God does not like; things that lead to ungodliness. So, please, don’t have a dirty mouth.

Rufus and Clarence

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There once were two men who lived on opposites of a river: Rufus and Clarence. These two men hated each other! So every morning after the sun came up they’d each go to the edge of the river and shout insults at each other. They would say things like ‘You better be glad I can’t swim because, if I could, I’d go over there and whoop you!’ This happened every day for 20 years. Then a bridge was built across the river. One morning, a year after the bridge was built, Rufus’ wife came out and interrupted Rufus before he insult Clarence. She said to him, “You have been doing this for 21 years! Now that there’s a bridge, why don’t you just go over to the other side and whoop Clarence like you’ve been saying you would all these years?” Rufus decided he would do that but, when he was halfway across the bridge, something scared him and he ran home screaming. His wife had no idea what scared him, so she asked him. Once he caught his breath, he told her, “I got halfway across the bridge and then I saw a sign that said ‘Clearance 13 feet, 6 inches’. He never looked that tall from across the river!”