Spiritual Squirrel Meme

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If you don’t understand this, then you’re old. Just kidding! I kinda wish I didn’t understand this. Allow me to explain (even though that kinda ruins it). There’s a song from a few years ago called Watch Me by Silento. It quickly became popular, and the lyrics were heard everywhere, including the iconic, meme-inspiring words: Watch me whip, whip, watch me nay-nay. Don’t ask me what that means. It’s just some weird dance moves. Now that you have some background, enjoy this adorable squirrel meme.

Holy Spirit: Funny but True

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Confidence in Christ

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Most Accurate Pie Chart

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A Funny Quote

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“Be salt and light, not salty and lit.”

-The assistant youth pastor at my church

#ThingsJesusNeverSaid part 2

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Just in case you didn’t get enough of it the first time. 




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This was trending on Twitter today and I thought I’d share my favorite tweets with you.  


You may not get all the references but, for those who do, it’s even funnier!

Thanksgiving Turkey

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The Holy Spirit When Sin Tries To Tempt You

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God’s Not Dead

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