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Me and the Earth

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Favorite part about creation: 

I really love humans. They are so complex, intricate. When I look at humans, when I look at myself, I just know that we have to have a creator. There’s no way that we all came about by chance. We were formed by a God who loved us enough to perfect every detail of us-inside and out. The way we think, act, and love all prove that we are the product of intelligent and loving design. And that is beautiful. 

Favorite spot: 

I spend a lot of time in my room. I do a lot in there. It’s where I think, write, do work, spend time with God. It’s like my sanctuary. 

Place I want to visit: 

London. Hands down. I’ve just recently developed a burning desire to go there. The city is so beautiful. Plus, I’ve heard it rains a lot. I love rain. It makes things grow and it’s just so peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. Also, I adore British accents. 🙂 


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