Crystal Renaud

Spring Cleaning

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“When we finally expose our unhealed woundedness, clean out the junk that’s been filling it up, and fill it again with good, healthy things, over time and with proper care, the wound will actually begin to heal. And in its place will be only a scar. A reminiscence of what was. Not of what still is.” 

-Crystal Renaud

Dirt and forgotten things are often hidden in small, dark crevices behind furniture that we rarely move. When we do decide to move the furniture, it’s usually not easy, especially when what is hidden behind it is revealed and we are afraid to acknowledge or do anything about those things. We can choose to ignore them and leave them there, or we can choose to let them be exposed to the light and begin working on cleaning out all the dirt that we have been either ignoring or have forgotten even existed. When we do that, we can be free from the burden of our hurts, habits, and hang-ups.