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What the Church is Getting Wrong About Purity {video}

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If you have made decisions that you regret, and you feel impure, and you feel as though you had this gift that you gave away, I want you to know that when you come to the Lord and you give him your hurt and your wounds, his forgiveness and his grace makes it not about what you did with your body, but about what he did with his!

Katie Gregoire

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My Church

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My church is a good size. There’s not an overwhelming amount of people, but it’s not too small either. I go to the early service with all the older people. The music is usually hymns, and I love it. Then my Sunday school is divided up into small groups by gender and grade, lead by one main speaker. The music is typically newer songs like the kind I have on my phone. I really enjoy the worship. About twice a month on Sundays, I sing with the worship band. It’s a great experience. I sometimes volunteer to help out with the little kids. And I like to serve when other opportunities arise. On Wednesday nights, I love the worship and listening to my pastor preach the message. We aren’t the kind of church that is all focused on fun and games. We do have a pool table and ping pong and foosball, but we don’t let them get in the way of praising our God. Overall, I adore my church. I feel like it’s right where God wants me. 

Church Camps

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Sorry I didn’t do a devotion this week. I also won’t be doing one a week from Monday. This week I was at Falls Creek and that week I’ll be at Super Summer.