Hot Air Balloon

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Your life is like a hot air balloon. You spend so much time trying to keep it in the air. But it’s being weighed down by bricks. Those bricks can be many things: sins, trials, obsessions, idols. If you want to stay up in the air then you have you throw those bricks overboard. There will always be bricks in your balloon because you will always have sins and trials. But God will help you throw some of those bricks overboard. In my case, I had an obsession with a boyband. It sounds silly but it was serious; I practically idolized them. I gave them more time and attention than I have God. One day God showed me that it was time for me to throw those bricks overboard. It wasn’t easy because, gosh, they were heavy. But I knew it was what God wanted me to do. And if God wants you to do something, then he will help you do it. So, with his help, I got rid of those bricks weighing down my balloon. And you know what happened? Those bricks were replaced with beautiful, wonderful, delicious-and practically weightless-cotton candy. That was my reward for giving that up to God. He gave me peace and joy beyond compare. Joy far better than any happiness I got from obsessing over that band. I still have bricks in my balloon. We all do. But I have cotton candy too. My hot air balloon is still floating high-thanks to God! So I urge you to pray about whatever bricks are weighing down your balloon. I know it may seem hard to throw them out, but God can help you. If you ever need prayer, just let me know. Keep on floating high!