50 Shades of Grey

The Sad Truth about 50SOG

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Fifty Shades of Grey can be considered romantic only because the guy is a billionaire businessman. If he were poor and lived in a trailer then it would be a Criminal Minds episode.


‘No Thanks’ to 50 Shades of Grey

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The Christian Examiner published an article on Thursday centered around the opinion of a women I go to church with. She is very open about what she believes on the matter, and she knows that her opinion is not widely accepted. But she went ahead and said it anyway. And I’m glad she did, because someone had to.

Check out what she has to say here

Fifty Shades is Abuse

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I’m telling you people, it’s horrible…revolting!

50 Shades of Horrified

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I saw this guy in one of my classes who is probably 17 or 18 reading 50 Shades of Grey. I heard him talking about how he never wanted to put it down because it was like a movie. He said it was so descriptive that you could picture it in your mind. One of the girls near him asked him if there was a story or if it was all sex scenes. He said there was a plot but he just wanted to breeze thought the plot and get to the sex scenes. If all that wasn’t horrifying enough to me, he also said that he wanted to be like Christian Grey. When I heard that I literally zoned out and was no longer aware of what was going on in class. I stared blankly at the door and said a silent prayer that that kid would not end up being like Christian Grey. It’s so sad that there are young people reading this book and getting these ideas in their heads. Girls read it and long for their own Christian Grey, and guys read it and aspire to be Christian Grey. No one should want that. As far as I know, there is something in the book called the Red Room of Pain. Sexy right? No! Who wants that? Who voluntarily wants to be harmed by their partner? I’ve heard of some really kinky stuff happening in that room. Stuff that is not only against the Bible, but is also against what many people see to be okay. If it weren’t for this book, the inappropriate treatment of women during sex wouldn’t be so widespread. What was before seen as disgusting is now seen as sexy. I don’t get it! I, personally, would not want to be treated like Ana is in the book. If my husband tried treating me like that, I’d kick him to the curb (or at least the couch). I know I’m young and don’t have any experience in the field of sex; however, I blame the public school system and the people in it, I do know more than I need, or want, to know about it. I know enough to know that women deserve to be treated better than that. They should be treated like a treasure to be cherished, not a slave to be used. Who wants to be used? Isn’t love far greater than lust? Isn’t gentle far greater than rough? I would think so. Another thing that bothers me is how they classify this type of book. It’s called ‘erotica.’ In all actuality, it’s porn. Straight up porn. Just because it has a plot doesn’t mean it’s any better than porn. It is classified as soft porn which I find quite strange. If something as rough and descriptive and violent as 50 Shades is soft porn then I fear what hard porn is. This just really disturbs me. Another thing is the movie posters up in the theaters. Little kids walk out of seeing Annie or Paddington and see these suggestive posters with captions like ‘Curious?,’ ‘Mr. Grey will see you now,’ and ‘We aim to please.’ Little kids shouldn’t be exposed to those innuendos. On the bright side, I think the trailer only accompanies PG-13 or R movies. That way, not as many children will see it. But still, this whole phenomenon deeply disturbs me. Now porn is going to be on the big screen. I fear what’s next for this world. I really do.