Month: August 2017

“Never Been a Moment” lyric edit 2

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With a song as awesome as Never Been a Moment, of course I have two favorite parts! I love how Micah Tyler describes God’s love here. I have definitely experienced these characteristics of God’s love in my life. 

Here’s the link again so you can listen again. You obviously want to!

“Never Been a Moment” lyric edit

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Story time! I first heard this song on the way home from a Bible study this spring. I was in the car with a couple friends and the song came on the radio. I immediately fell in love with it. That’s where it all began. Just like with Jordan Feliz, after hearing this song I decided to look up the artist and listen to all of their music. I probably should have started with this edit, since it’s the first Micah Tyler song I heard, but here it is now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Listen to the song in all its glory here!

“The Warrior” lyric edit

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Listen to the song here.

“Directions” lyric edit

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This is definitely one of my favorite Micah Tyler songs! I can relate to it so much! This song was featured in God’s Not Dead 2. Listen to it here.