Painful Landing

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I had an intensely scary nightmare during my routine Sunday nap. In it, I was sitting on the floor in front of my bedroom door with my legs crossed and I heard a deep, dark voice talking to me from behind. The voice was assuring me that it was okay to do what I was being tempted to do even though I knew it was wrong. I felt like I was hovering above the ground and, when I looked, it turned out that I was. Not by much. Perhaps a few inches. I thought it was very cool that I was doing that. The voice asked me if I liked hovering and I said I did. Then, suddenly, I was hovering 5 feet in the air, with my legs still crossed. I was unable to move. It was like I was sitting on an invisible pedestal. It was no longer fun. It was terrifying. I didn’t know what was happening and I was afraid I was going to drop straight to the ground and get hurt. The voice was taunting me and threatening to let me plummet to the hard floor painfully. That was when I realized that the voice was Satan. I woke up from my dream feeling violated. How dare Satan invade my subconscious! But now I see what the dream means. The hovering represents sin. At first it seems fun and harmless until you realize what the cost is. A few inches off the ground was fun. But being feet off the ground with no control was terrifying. In the end, after giving into temptation, we all fall onto that hard, unforgiving ground. But every time, God is there to help us up and forgive us.


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