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50 Shades of Horrified

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I saw this guy in one of my classes who is probably 17 or 18 reading 50 Shades of Grey. I heard him talking about how he never wanted to put it down because it was like a movie. He said it was so descriptive that you could picture it in your mind. One of the girls near him asked him if there was a story or if it was all sex scenes. He said there was a plot but he just wanted to breeze thought the plot and get to the sex scenes. If all that wasn’t horrifying enough to me, he also said that he wanted to be like Christian Grey. When I heard that I literally zoned out and was no longer aware of what was going on in class. I stared blankly at the door and said a silent prayer that that kid would not end up being like Christian Grey. It’s so sad that there are young people reading this book and getting these ideas in their heads. Girls read it and long for their own Christian Grey, and guys read it and aspire to be Christian Grey. No one should want that. As far as I know, there is something in the book called the Red Room of Pain. Sexy right? No! Who wants that? Who voluntarily wants to be harmed by their partner? I’ve heard of some really kinky stuff happening in that room. Stuff that is not only against the Bible, but is also against what many people see to be okay. If it weren’t for this book, the inappropriate treatment of women during sex wouldn’t be so widespread. What was before seen as disgusting is now seen as sexy. I don’t get it! I, personally, would not want to be treated like Ana is in the book. If my husband tried treating me like that, I’d kick him to the curb (or at least the couch). I know I’m young and don’t have any experience in the field of sex; however, I blame the public school system and the people in it, I do know more than I need, or want, to know about it. I know enough to know that women deserve to be treated better than that. They should be treated like a treasure to be cherished, not a slave to be used. Who wants to be used? Isn’t love far greater than lust? Isn’t gentle far greater than rough? I would think so. Another thing that bothers me is how they classify this type of book. It’s called ‘erotica.’ In all actuality, it’s porn. Straight up porn. Just because it has a plot doesn’t mean it’s any better than porn. It is classified as soft porn which I find quite strange. If something as rough and descriptive and violent as 50 Shades is soft porn then I fear what hard porn is. This just really disturbs me. Another thing is the movie posters up in the theaters. Little kids walk out of seeing Annie or Paddington and see these suggestive posters with captions like ‘Curious?,’ ‘Mr. Grey will see you now,’ and ‘We aim to please.’ Little kids shouldn’t be exposed to those innuendos. On the bright side, I think the trailer only accompanies PG-13 or R movies. That way, not as many children will see it. But still, this whole phenomenon deeply disturbs me. Now porn is going to be on the big screen. I fear what’s next for this world. I really do.

50 Shades of Why (click on text)

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I’m clearly very emphatic about you not seeing this movie. Ladies, value yourselves and you will be valued.

One Year Anniversary

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OH, MY GOSH! Guys, it’s been one year since I started my blog! I can’t believe it! Thank you to all my lovely followers who have given me a reason to keep this blog going. I do this for you. God helps me do this for you. And I’d like to keep it going for a long time to come. As you may know, I finished writing my first novel, a Christian fiction one, on December 31st of last year. Hopefully this year will be the year I can walk you through the process of it getting published. Hopefully this will be the year that you get to read the project I worked so hard on. Because I also wrote it for you. Without you people I wouldn’t be able to do what God has called me to do. Thank you so much! Here’s to spreading the love and truth of the Lord our God!

Footprints in the Sand poem

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1 & 2 Peter

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During the month of February, I’m going to post my reflections on the books of 1 & 2 Peter. Each and every verse has meaning, for that’s how God intended it. It is supposed to mean different things for different people, but please allow me to share what it means to me. I chose these books because the focus seems to be on having joy in God. That is very important for all Christians, especially as they face trials. May God’s grace be upon you through your roughest times and may you trust that the reward is great!

God bless you!

Left Behind Review

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Rating: ❤️❤️


PG-13-Some thematic elements, violence/peril and brief drug content

Nicholas Cage stars as Rayford Steele, a pilot who “can’t get off work” on the day that his daughter, Chloe, is coming home from college to celebrate his birthday. Determined to see him, Chloe catches him at the airport before his flight. She discovers some things about him that tear her apart and put some tension between them. While there, she meets Buck Williams, an acclaimed journalist who is going to be on her father’s flight to London. They instantly click and keep a connection throughout the movie. Some drama about Chloe’s mom being an avid Christian is discussed with disdain. Later on, a phenomenon occurs where people all over the world disappear, leaving their clothes and personal belongings behind. It takes the main characters quite some time to realize that what happened was the rapture, where God took all the Christians and small children up to Heaven. Chloe, on land, scurries around frantically in search for her little brother and her mom. Meanwhile her dad, piloting the flight to London, has to deal with the chaos on the plane caused by the disappearances. Neither characters really know how to handle the situation.

Despite the topic of the movie being the rapture, religion is only discussed negatively. God is blamed for throwing the world into disarray, instead of praised for taking the Christians away from the corrupt world. The apparent purpose of the movie is to encourage strengthening of familial bonds. Seeing how the main family in the movie bands together despite their current situation and the tension between them is supposed to encourage families watching the movie to form such a bond with each other. In no way does the movie encourage people to seek God. If anything, it tries to persuade them that He should be avoided. A long way from being a faith-based movie, it is disappointing how far off base it is. If you are looking for a good airplane movie to watch that may offend what, and Who, you believe in, then go ahead, by all means, watch this. But if you want a good movie about the rapture, I suggest you watch the Left Behind movie from 2000. And read the books! I, myself, haven’t read them because I can’t seem to wrap my head around the political themes in them. But I’ve heard great reviews!

NOTE: If you choose to watch this movie, watch it solely for entertainment and not as something to base your beliefs on. If you think you’ll be offended, like I was, then just don’t watch it.