Day 26

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There is something about the way Jesus sees people that invites us to want to know him more. Until we have a true love for Jesus, until we search out his heart, our hearts will not be broken by what breaks his. The more I walk with God—not practicing religion or doing ministry but getting to know the person of Jesus by spending time with him—the more I see people the way he sees them. When I start seeing people like he sees them, I start hurting like he does. Even better, when I spend time with him and I’m grounded in his Word, I minister out of pure motives and not sappy emotionalism. Sappy emotionalism runs out of steam. Biblically grounded and Spirit-led outreach, in contrast, stays consistent and strong, like the thick branches of a giant oak that thrives with abundant life. When you walk into your office or your school, do you see people as road cones on your way to bigger and better things? Or do you see them as God’s providential appointments to reach? Do you see a chance to thrive?


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