Day 20

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day 20


The Apostle Paul called himself the chief of sinners. Why did Paul see himself in such a radical way? Because Christ had changed him, and he was able to look at where he came from and where he was going through the lens of the gospel. Through surrender and obedience to Christ, Paul’s vision had changed to the point that he considered as rubbish everything outside of knowing Jesus. To see with Christ’s eyes is to have an eternal perspective, and it is essential in reaching out. When we sit on the throne of our lives instead of giving God his rightful place, we can’t see past ourselves, much less see other people the way he sees them. When our perspective is temporal and our focus is on this life, we will not reach out to others. We will reach in to ourselves. However, when we soak our minds and hearts with God’s Word, when we follow the Holy Spirit’s prompts to pray for others and act on their behalf, our vision changes. We see with the compassion and clarity of Christ. We see how to thrive.



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