Day 13

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Most believers understand the main spiritual disciplines of worship, Bible study, and prayer. However, a fourth discipline is often overlooked. It’s the practice of community. Community means sharing life with other followers of Christ. Of all the Bible’s descriptions of the church, perhaps none is more appropriate than the “body of Christ.” God’s Word calls us the body of Christ because we are a collection of individual parts grouped into a purposed whole. If God calls his church the body of Christ, what other encouragement do we need to get together and stay together? Even Jesus didn’t do ministry alone. He started the church by discipling a group of men. Similarly, we forfeit a significant part of our growth when we do not join with other believers. Why is community so important? Because one of the primary ways God ministers to us is through other believers. Fellowship is not pizza and Coke after church; it’s the certainty that we’re in something together and that our common faith will keep us going no matter what. Community is an essential part of the thriving life.


One thought on “Day 13

    atimetoshare said:
    August 13, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    This is so true. We can’t function without each other.


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