Day 12

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day 12


When we yield to Jesus, he works through us to reach others. We cannot produce fruit in and of ourselves any more than a detached tree limb lying on the ground can produce leaves. We should want our hearts to be so close to God that we would never dream of disobedience. This means that sometimes, through a sheer act of our will, we’ll choose to obey the Lord we love by refusing to go there or join in that or click on this. All of us have our this, that, and there. What we direct our hands to do reveals the condition of our hearts. Your actions are the outward expression of an inner reality. If you were a tree, your heart would be your root system, and your hands would be your branches. In Luke 6:45, Jesus says that out of the abundance of the heart a person’s mouth speaks. In the same way, out of the overflow of the heart our hands act and our feet move. What have your hands and feet been saying about your walk with God?



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