Day 9

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Let’s aspire to let God have his Word back into our lives, so to speak. We need to let him—and only him—define what we are responsible for in our lives. Jesus isn’t life enhancement. He’s life. He alone is the way life works. You can’t take someone else’s Jesus home with you. You can’t take your pastor’s Jesus home with you. Only your own walk with Jesus goes home with you. A relationship with Jesus is not automatic because you walk into a building with a pretty steeple or religious symbols. Buildings don’t change your life. When we surrender to Christ, the spirit inside of us—the real person within the bag of bones we call a body—is renewed. Our brains are still flesh and blood that have recorded everything we’ve ever done. Our spirit is new, but we still have lost minds. Our brains become a battleground. Sooner or later, we have to realize that Jesus is more than church. It requires consistent study of God’s Word and consistent prayer to help us thrive by deepening our roots and redefining erroneous thinking.

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