Day 7

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day 7


God’s existence and sovereignty are the most fundamental beliefs we can possess—the very core of our deepest roots. When we dig in to know God more, we tap into the infinity of his love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, power, and sovereignty. Nothing or no one is greater. He sees all, knows all, and controls all. Whatever happens in our lives, God either brings it or allows it for his good reasons, and Romans 8:28 says God does everything for his glory and for our ultimate good. Do we really trust God? Ephesians 2 says we were dead in our trespasses before he saved us. Dead people can’t do anything. God did it all. If we think that we did something to start our relationship with God, it’s only logical to think that we could do something to end it. We can either rest in our picture of God or be haunted by it. This passage helps us determine whether we have painted a biblical picture of God and of ourselves. There’s no better reason to study Scripture. It’s the only way to live a life that thrives.



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