Day 6

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day 6

God wants to renew our minds and redefine our ideas of who he is and who we are in him. We have fuzzy notions of God and we partially believe what we’ve read, heard, and sung about him. Yet despite our shortcomings, God has been patient and kind, long suffering and forgiving. Even when we take a wrong turn, he transforms it for our good. Love from other people doesn’t work that way. Jobs don’t work that way. Even spouses don’t work that way. We’ve let the world tell us what forgiveness means. We’ve let the job market define our skill sets. We’ve let the SAT or ACT define how smart we are. We let labels pigeonhole our beliefs about ourselves and shape our views. The antidote is God’s Word and prayer. We must learn to put all of our weight on Jesus, to dig deep into his Word and obey his nudges to reach out to others in his love. All the while, he will bide his time and work out his dream for us. All the while, he will teach us to thrive.



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