Day 5

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(Hey, it’s on time!)


Throughout Scripture, God approaches different people with the same message: “I know you have great plans for your life and some ideas about how you’re going to pull off your plans. But I have something else for you.” God didn’t explain away all the details. He didn’t curb the difficulties. He didn’t even say, “It’ll be a little awkward for a while. You’ll hit some rough patches. And you’re even going to hurt.” But he dreamed much bigger for his people than they ever dreamed. In story after story, God’s Word shows how faithful he is even to those most desperate and downtrodden. How we face the future and how we make decisions are based on what we believe about God and what we believe about ourselves. We can say God is in control, but our lives often suggest that we don’t totally buy it. God is not finished with you. Wherever you are right now, know this: Jesus loves you, and he will bring about his best for those who love him and want to thrive in him. Trust his dream for you.

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