Day 4

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Did you know that God is more interested in our weaknesses than in our strengths? It’s easy to focus on our strengths, because our strengths give us a sense of confidence and control. But 2 Corinthians 12 assures us that God uses our weaknesses rather than our strengths. God uses the weak things in the world to shame the wise. At this point is where our buts, spelled with one T, usually get in the way. Christians have huge buts, where we believe whatever God says but—and then we insert an excuse. If you believe something but, there’s a good chance you don’t believe it at all.
There’s a chance you just know it and it’s on your T-shirt, but it’s not the filter through which you run your actions. The more we examine Scripture, the more we find broken people rather than whole people—people with serious issues like Moses, David, Peter, and Mary. We find that the weak overcome the strong. Everything the world calls success isn’t found in the Word. Instead, we find that God takes you just as you are.


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