Month: March 2014

Oswald Chambers quote

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“It is impossible to get exhausted in work for God. We get exhausted because we try to do God’s work in our own way.”

~Oswald Chambers


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Devotion for the week of 3/3/14-3/9/14

I’ve been listening to a lot of Casting Crowns lately and some of the lyrics from the songs on their Come to the Well album have really stuck with me. The title song for the album, “The Well”, says this in the beginning: ‘I have what you need, but you keep on searching’. That really spoke to me because sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that God truly does have what I need, he is what I need. And since I struggle to see that, I often feel alone. I’m searching for a beautiful, wonderful  love. But, honestly, it’s right in front of me. God loves me in a way that no one else ever will. And I’ve begun to truly appreciate that. In another song of theirs, “Face Down”, it says: ‘I exhaust myself searching’. Now, the way I’m seeing it is taking it out of context of the song, but that’s okay because it’s still a great message. It’s so true. I exhaust myself searching for a love that I know, at this point in my life, is unachievable. It has been said that we find what we are looking for when we aren’t looking for it. If we just slow down and stop trying so hard, then we will find what it is that we’ve been tiring ourselves out looking for. Later in that same song it says: ‘Having nothing else to cling to but need of love that only you can give’. I absolutely love that line! Since I’ve wasted so much time looking for love, I haven’t really been able to see that the love I’m looking for is a love only God can give me. And I need that love. This song helped me realize that. So what I’m trying to say, and what these songs say, is that you should stop trying so hard looking for love when you already have a perfect love from our perfect God. Someday you will meet someone who you will love and who will love you back but, until then, remember that God’s love is enough. God is enough!