Peace that surpasses all understanding

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Last night I was lying in bed saying my nightly prayer, and I realized that I wasn’t following the outline that I usually go by. Typically, I start my prayer by thanking God for all of the blessings that He lavished on me that day. Then I ask Him for help with a few things, and then I tell Him I love Him and say goodnight. Last night, though, I skipped over the first part. Once I realized that I was basically reading off a laundry list of things I wanted God to fix, I stopped to think for a minute. After apologizing for not thanking Him first, I remembered something I read that said that we won’t trouble God by asking Him for things but, rather, by not asking at all. So I imagined God and me sitting across from each other at a table, with Him listening intently as I expressed my concerns-His elbows propped up on the table, His chin resting in His hands. As I imagined this in my head, I felt overcome with peace in knowing that not only does God not mind me asking Him for help, but He’s happy that I trust Him, and He cares about me and wants to help. My eyes started to water and, when I opened them, tears streamed down my cheeks, and I smiled. It’s been a while since I’ve felt that kind of peace. But it’s always a wonderful feeling that cannot be compared to any other. A feeling that only comes from God, out of His incredible love for me. 

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Maya Angelou quote (#SpeakLife) 

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This is a quote by the same woman my senior quote is by.🙂 This is the last TobyMac #Speak Life picture I’m going to post, but you can always find more on his Facebook page. I hope you’ve enjoyed them!

Chocolate (#SpeakLife)

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Dave Willis quote (#SpeakLife)

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Meltdown (#SpeakLife)

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Set You Free (#SpeakLife)

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I always say that if you don’t want to do something then it’s probably something you need to do. That could apply to everything from cleaning your room to going to church.