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Faith is the basis of Christianity. A lot of what we believe cannot be seen or even explained. So we must have faith that it is real. Hebrews 11:1-Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

My Book (so far)

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I’m just mere chapters away from finishing up writing my novel. This is what it looks like so far.


Day 26

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There is something about the way Jesus sees people that invites us to want to know him more. Until we have a true love for Jesus, until we search out his heart, our hearts will not be broken by what breaks his. The more I walk with God—not practicing religion or doing ministry but getting to know the person of Jesus by spending time with him—the more I see people the way he sees them. When I start seeing people like he sees them, I start hurting like he does. Even better, when I spend time with him and I’m grounded in his Word, I minister out of pure motives and not sappy emotionalism. Sappy emotionalism runs out of steam. Biblically grounded and Spirit-led outreach, in contrast, stays consistent and strong, like the thick branches of a giant oak that thrives with abundant life. When you walk into your office or your school, do you see people as road cones on your way to bigger and better things? Or do you see them as God’s providential appointments to reach? Do you see a chance to thrive?

INTRODUCING Word of the Day

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I’ve decided to start doing a word of the day. Every day I’ll choose a word commonly used in the Bible, briefly discuss it, and quote a Bible verse it is used in.

Day 25

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Doing big things for God is not some grand movement to shoot for in the future. Doing big things for God just means doing the very next thing he says. It’s the very next person you need to love on and forgive. It’s the very next person to tell about Jesus. It’s the very next temptation to resist. One decision at a time, we should seek to look at it the way Jesus does and trust him for the results. Are you surviving life right now, or are you thriving through your life? Survivors tend to think that tomorrow will be easier, tomorrow will work out better, and if they can just get to tomorrow they’re going to be okay. We’ll always anticipate another tomorrow, and tomorrow will never fill us. Only Jesus will bring us fulfillment and peace now. God wants us to see with the eyes of Christ right here and now. Only then will we see a purpose for being where he has us at this moment. He tells us to redeem the time, and the time is now.

We Believe

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This song does a great job of describing what Christians believe!

Day 24

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We’re all guilty of living in anticipation of a fork in the road. But there is no fork in your road. God didn’t ask you to make any huge decisions. All he said was “Lean on me, see like I see, and realize your past is gone and your future is mine. All I ask is that you get to know me and make me known.” God hasn’t called us to something in a year. We’re called for here and now. We were not made to survive today for some potential future endeavor, something that maybe he’ll do through us one day. We’re looking so forward to tomorrow that we’re tripping over today. God has placed you where you are, right now, totally on purpose. God didn’t call you to figure out what happens next. He’s already there. He’s at the end of your life looking back on it right now. He wants you to rest in that truth, rest in who he’s made you, and dig your roots in and know him. And he welcomes you to start today.